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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions we get asked. If you can’t find your answer here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


  • Why should we use School Leavers Company?

    Where do we start?!

    We created the concept of Leavers Hoodies so you can be assured that nobody can claim to have as much knowledge and experience as we do. Everything we do is geared towards making your life as easy as possible – you simply won’t find better customer service anywhere else.

    We also supply the best quality hoodie - one that’s heavyweight with a lovely soft feel. All of the personalisation is done at our own factory so we have full quality control.

    Still not convinced? Take a look at our Why Use Us page for more benefits of using School Leavers Company along with a list of things to be wary of from other suppliers.

  • How long does it all take?

    Once we’ve received your confirmed order we can then process it and send it into production, which usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year (the later you leave your order, the longer it is likely to take as we get increasingly busy as the year progresses…)

    If you need your order super-fast just let us know - we will always try to accommodate where possible.

    Note that we if you’re using an Online Order Form, we will need your Finance Approval Form returned before we can process your order. Likewise, if you’re using an Online Shop, we need your Artwork Approval Form returned before we can process your order.

  • Do we have to order a minimum number of garments?

    Due to the time required to set up our print equipment etc, we do require a minimum order of 10 garments to process a first order. However this can be made up of ANY mixture of styles, colours and sizes.

  • Do we all have to have the same design?

    Yes, due to the large set-up costs and time involved in producing each garment they must have the same front and rear design (and sleeve print if you’re having one). You can of course personalise your hoodie with a Nickname.

  • Do we all have to have the same garment style?

    No, we realise that everyone may want to choose their own garment style and colour so that’s what we let you do. Your order can be made up of ANY combination of the different garment styles, colours and sizes that we offer.

  • Can we choose our own colour?

    Yes you can. Sometimes you may wish to limit the colours (some schools like to limit the garment colour offered to students to ‘school colours’ only), otherwise you can each order whichever colour of garment you wish.

  • Some of us would like Nicknames - do we all have to have them

    Nicknames can be requested on an individual basis meaning that not everyone has to have one. However, we do have to charge extra for Nicknames. If you would like the option of Nicknames please let us know when making your initial enquiry.

  • How does an Online Shop work?

    The concept of the Leavers Hoodies Online Shop was first pioneered by School Leavers Company as a way of enabling individuals to choose and pay for their own hoodie.

    Instead of an organiser having to collect everyone’s order and collect their money, an Online Shop passes the responsibility onto each individual to place and pay for their own order.

    Once we’ve received some initial information from you via the Open an Online Shop form, we’ll set you up with your own personalised shop, displaying your garments and designs. We’ll then send you the username & password that you can share with everyone so they can go online and order their own hoodie. We will agree a deadline for when the shop closes and when this passes, we’ll collate the orders and commence production.

    Unsurprisingly, because the organiser doesn’t have to collect everyone’s individual orders themselves, this is the most popular ordering method!

    You will find that most Leavers Hoodies suppliers charge to set up an Online Shop for you. At School leavers Company we’ll set you up a no obligation, personalised Online Shop, FREE OF CHARGE.

  • How does an Online Order Form work?

    Another first by School Leavers Company; the Online Order Form is a free, no obligation tool that will enable you to place your order online.

    Instead of us posting or emailing you an order form and artwork proofs etc, we supply you with a login to your own personalised webpage where you can view all of your artwork and enter your order details. There’s no obligation to place an order and you don’t have to complete it all in one go – you can save any changes and return to it at a later date.

    To get started all you have to do is fill in the Request an Online Order Form enquiry form so we have some basic information in order to create your webpage for you. Once this is done we’ll email the login details to you and away you go!

  • Can we order more hoodies once the order has been delivered?

    Yes you can. We understand that once people who missed out on the original order see how popular the hoodies are, they will want to order one for themselves. A lot of companies won’t accept re-orders for a single garment but we’re different. If you missed out first time around, you can order a single garment here. Note that the price is reflective of it being a single garment purchase. If you think that there’s enough interest to warrant placing a bulk re-order i.e. 10 garments or more, please contact us and we’ll put together a quote for you.


  • Are the Hoodies good quality?

    In a word, yes! We supply a premium quality heavyweight (300gsm) hoodie. Most wholesale hoodies on the market offered by other companies are generally poor quality and lightweight (usually 250-260gsm). Our hoodies are also a 50:50 cotton/polyester mix which makes them soft, warm and snuggly. Hoodies made with a higher cotton mix tend to fade in the wash and can feel rough against the skin – boo!

  • How can I be sure I order the correct size?

    Selecting the correct size is an important thing to get right so we offer a sample service to help out. If your school is going to place an order, the organiser can request a sample hoodie for everyone to try on to help gauge the size needed. We recommend this as we can’t replace a personalised hoodie if someone orders the incorrect size.

  • Can I see a sample hoodie?

    Want to see for yourself why our hoodies are the best quality around? Simply request a sample today – you can send it back free of charge using our freepost service.

Pricing & Payment

  • How much are the Hoodies?

    The price is dependent on how many garments you order – the more you order the cheaper they are. Also, as a general rule of thumb, the earlier you place your order, the less you will pay. This is because we get extremely busy towards the end of the school year and therefore try to incentivise people to order early to avoid the rush. Simply go to our Request a Quote page, fill out the form and we’ll send you a quotation.

  • What is included in the Hoodie price?

    Our prices include a one-colour print on the front and rear of each hoodie. Print will be in NAVY BLUE ink on White hoodies and in WHITE ink on all other hoodie colours. If your school logo is multi-coloured, we may be able to convert it to single-colour OR we will need to embroider the front of the garments for an extra £1.95 per shirt. Quoted prices are fully inclusive of all design work, set-up, printing/embroidering costs and VAT. Prices also include delivery of the whole order via courier to a single mainland UK address FREE OF CHARGE.

  • How do we pay for the order?

    If you set up an Online Shop then each individual will pay for their hoodie online. However, all other methods will require payment by BACS or cheque made payable to School Leavers Company.

    Our BACS details are as follows:
    Sort Code: 80-02-54
    Account Number: 06209689
    Account Name: School Leavers Company
    Bank Address: Bank of Scotland, 55 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

    Please note that orders will not be processed until payment has been made in full unless we receive official confirmation from the school that they are to be invoiced after delivery has been made. In this instance, we will send you a Finance Approval Form that we will need an authorised representative of the school to sign and return to us before we can process the order.