Leavers Hoodies

Get in on the trend of the season and give your school leavers a classic look with one of our stylish Leavers Hoodies! Not only are they an absolute must-have during the end-of-year celebrations, but they’re made from superior quality materials that you simply can’t find elsewhere. Our hoodies come in a range of fantastic colours, so everyone is sure to find something that perfectly suits their style. 

Our Leavers Hoodies are ideal for organisers looking for top-quality apparel to complete their group’s end-of-year look. Our hoodies offer unbeatable comfort and style. They feature clean lines for minimal fuss and maximum class, while still being daring enough to ensure every participating student stands out. When you need something special to make sure everyone looks sensational at the end-of-year events, our Leavers Hoodies guarantee you all get noticed! Rank higher in style and trust the experts at School Leavers Company.

Note that prices for Adult sizes include VAT

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