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I missed the deadline - can I order my child a hoodie?

If the shop has closed or the bulk order has already been processed, we can't simply add another product to the order at the same price*. But you can use our 'missed the deadline' service. At School Leavers Company, we're happy to accept reorders for single garments. Please note that the price for a single garment purchase will differ from the original order. 

  1. Currently, our missed the deadline service is still managed through our old website.
  2. You will need the 4 digit username that the school provided you to continue.
  3. Go to this page:
  4. Enter the 4 digit username where it says "Order Reference Number"
    1. It may tell you that the code is not recognised, but please continue.
  5. Fill in the rest of the details.
  6. Note that this form will allow you to enter a nickname. When we process your order, if we find that the school didn't allow nicknames, we will remove it and refund you the cost to your original payment method.

*When a shop or order form closes we will put those garments ordered into our production workflow, at this point it is unlikely we can add extra garments to the ongoing process. Any extra 'missed the deadline' garments ordered will proceed through our factory on their own, which requires costly set-up and handling costs, meaning that the cost for extra single garments will differ from the original selling price.

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